Here you will find details of the therapists working at the Body Sanctuary.


Please contact each therapist directly for further details about their work and to enquire about making an appointment.


You may also be interested to know that the Body Sanctuary gives you access to a shower. Please check with your therapist if this is of interest to you as charges may apply for this.




Kalyani practices via 3 months tailored 1:1 "Reclaim Yourself" programmes with women and men alike: her Totality Therapy addresses the core issues that circumstances in your life are calling you to face.


She has helped individuals from all walks of life, including people experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, relationship problems, marriage difficulties and divorce, family problems, work difficulties, low self-esteem, addictions, loss, bereavement, anger management, abuse, childhood and life event trauma, aspects around sexuality as well as many other issues.


Totality Therapy is a deep healing multi-disciplinary modality at the cutting edge of human consciousness, in other words, it brings results in a powerful way! Clients often come to see her after years of mind-based therapies when they still feel that their body is not able to let go or cope with what is arising in their life. Unlike mind-based therapies, Totality Therapy very much involves the body in the healing process and the resulting outcome brings resolution once and for all.


The sessions take place at the Body Sanctuary or via Skype. For more details visit Kalyani's website where powerful testimonials are available.  Alternatively you can contact her on, 07952036326


Kalyani also holds Meditation at the Body Sanctuary once a week for an hour, and offers a Shakti Dance and Sacred Circle for Women once a month.




Nick Hudis is available at the Body Sanctuary on Wednesday afternoons and evenings and Thursday mornings.


He is a men's coach. He works with the issues that really matter to men today: health and fitness; relationships and sex; identity, purpose and confidence.

  • Men who want to regain health and virility.

  • Men looking for their identity and sense of purpose in life.

  • Successful high-achieving men who want to get even more out of life.

  • Men going through relationship challenges: divorce, bereavement, dating confidence etc.

  • Men of all ages who want to overcome sexual problems including erection problems, premature ejaculation, confidence issues, addiction, shame and guilt.

  • Men who simply want to be a great lover and get the most out of sex.

  • Men experiencing fertility issues who want to improve their sperm profile.

Nick’s mission is to help men rise to these challenges and embody their full potential. Holding the centre ground between life coach, natural health consultant and sexuality coach, he has the tools to support your success whatever your goals.


To find out more about Nick’s three months 1:1 coaching programmes and to arrange a FREE coaching call, visit Nick’s website


To join Nick’s monthly group at the Body Sanctuary, the Heart of Man Circle, click on this link:





Caterina Matteoda comes from Turin, Italy. Her fascination with natural methods of healing began at a very tender age and stage of her life, more specifically when she had a personal encounter with the depths of depression in her own life. The experience drove her to pursue training in research and further studies in the direction of holistic wellness as well as natural alternative healing methods.


In order to attain such expertise she attended the Institute of Naturopathy of Urbino and the Shiatsu School which is in accordance with the "Ohashi" method. As a result her journey of awareness and self healing was set in motion. Ever since, the driving force behind her profession has always been passion, hence her dedication to the care and welfare of people remaining fuelled with empathy, compassion and ultimately respect: the core values that serve as the hub which keeps these wheels in motion.


Ohashiatsu is a unique nurturing method of healing touch developed and introduced by Ohashi in the 1970s and it is internationally recognised.


A private Ohashiatsu session is a remarkable experience. Because it works with Ki ~ your life force energy~ it not only works on the surface of the body (muscles and tendons for example), but it also is effective at a much deeper level, including stress levels and emotions. Such bodywork that works on both the physical and emotional level is ideal.



By balancing the energy, the body and mind can follow their own natural impulses to heal themselves. This deep relaxation rejuvenates you and induces a state of harmony and peace.


Relief from the common physical and emotional symptoms of stress, including:

  • fatigue
  • backache
  • joint pain and stiffness
  • muscle tension
  • insomnia
  • anxiety


For more details visit

You can book an appointment by email on or text Caterina on 0786791581.





Access Bars / The Bars


Krysia Grace Kozanecka offers private sessions in this therapy. Her aim is to move you from poor health, low mood and fear-based living to energy, joy and vitality!


Krysia has been on the path of a limited life of fatigue and constant trauma to now access much more joy, vitality and energy than ever before. She would love to assist you on your journey to leave Trauma and Drama and to empower yourself in order to live with more happiness, a good realtionship with yourself, your body and other people, good health, abundance and joy!




Do you feel tired and low on energy?

Do you get upset easily or hold on grudges?

Do you carry stress in your body?

Would you like to look and feel better?



Science tells us our thoughts influence our molecules and create dis-ease, disorder and aging. Where do you think all these are stored?  IN YOUR BODY


There are 32 different points on the head that correspond to different areas of your life. Running your Bars/ touching these points/ is a potent hands on body process that starts a flow of energy and erases years of fixed points of view, judgements, negative feelings and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

She is an Access Bars Certified Facilitator, Platinum Energy Healer, and she also offers beautiful Hot Oil Massages and Transformational Coaching.

Find out more here:, call her on 07913111470 or email her




Birth & Be Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme, that teaches simple but powerful relaxation and breathing techniques for a better and more confident birth. 
These classes teach mums-to-be how to let go of those fears and pre-conceptions that most of us have about childbirth and allow their body to do what it’s meant to do rather than fight it. 
Using scientifically-proven techniques that will calm and relax, pregnant mamas will learn how to let their mind and body work in harmony during labour and beyond.
Taster sessions, group and private courses are available. 
Please take a look at for the most up-to-date information and course dates.
You can reserve your space by e-mail on or text 07928121680

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